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    Ares 1st Platoon will conduct a Platoon Training Exercise to boost morale, learn battle drills, and build overall unit cohesion.
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    TLO's 1. Unit Cohesion 2. Battle Drill 1 3. Battle Drill 4
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  6. Officer of the day is J. Busby
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  8. JSOAC Training begins at 19:30 EST
  9. Officer of the day is K. Brundige
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    Directed by MAJ J. Busby
  11. Directed by CPT C. Sprague
  12. Directed by CPT C. Sprague
  13. Directed by 1SG G. Schmidt
  14. S7 Corporals Course

    Directed by 1SG G. Schmidt
  15. S7 Corporals Course

    Corporals Course directed by 1SG G. Schmidt
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    More info to come
  17. Regular Phalanx 2-1 Squad Training from 21:00 to 23:00 EST Friday
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    Ares 2-1 Squad Training. These may be preempted by Company or Platoon trainings at similar times. Please plan to be on the server 30 minute before step-off to deal with any mod or kit issues.
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    Company FTXs will be hosted on the 75th Training Server and are mandatory requiring an LOA from any person on present FTX Itinerary: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1co7w7KDXV_9MIcC-9QoNiBwrq3X6sJ8Lr4P4lwMxLC8/edit
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    2nd Platoon PTX SERVER LIVE:8:00 pm est START: 9pm EST end times 10:30-11pm EST.
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    Following 2 week schedule we will be doing battle drills. Further schedule in the 2nd platoon announcements. No quarter
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    Officer of the day is SPC K. Brundige. Server start time: 2000 EST Op start time: 2030 EST
  23. Signals; War Game.
  24. S3 Shop Meeting

    Meeting for S3
  25. The Combat Medic Course is an advanced course that will provide an in-depth look at the tasks, duties, and equipment that comes along with the 68W MOS. The CMC will be a hands-on course to familiarize the trainees with the equipment, and what it is like to run in the 68W role.
  26. The Radio Communication Course is an advanced training course diving into how to effectively navigate radio equipment, and how to provide clear and concise communication at all levels.
  27. The Combat Engineer Course is a prerequisite to obtaining the Sapper Tab. It is broken down into 5 phases which cover Combat Engineer Basic Equipment and Loadout, Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Demolitions and Mining, Asset Repair and Recovery, and ends with a Live Fire Exercise.
  28. Basic Training is the first phase in the Ranger Assessment and Selection Program in TCG. Topics covered include mod indoctrination, basic medical, basic warrior training, and weapon and equipment familiarization.
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    S-7 Infantry Training Course
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