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    S-1: Manpower - Admin/Awards

    S-1 Administration is responsible for the data entry of perscom-action-request ensuring that all service records, combat records, and assignment records are kept up to date, for a professional outlook to those looking at the website and record-keeping within the unit. S-1 Awards is responsible for the updating and creation of the uniforms which are displayed on personnel pages on the website, we provide training to the Awards Clerks on photoshop as well as providing a download of photoshop to successfully create, update and maintain the unit’s uniforms, once again providing another level of professionalism for TCG.

    S-2: Mission Intelligence

    The S-2 Mission Intelligence J-Shop is a supplemental J-Shop to our HELIOS Mission Intelligence. All personnel within this shop act as billet Junior Zeuses acting as Mission Facilitators.

    S-3: Operations

    The S-3 Operations J-Shop is responsible for Squad, Platoon, and Company level training. The main focus of S-3 is to provide supplemental training services that focus on topics such as Common Combat Tactics, Advance Battle Drills, and Advanced Leadership Training. S-3 operates as an as-needed training J-Shop. Combat element leaders are able to request the help of S-3 in different ways to assist with getting their respective elements combat-ready.

    S-4: Logistics

    The S-4 Logistics J- Shop is responsible for the creation and maintenance of data sources and tools for the unit as a whole. The shop is split into 4 sections that operate as a whole to provide as much information as possible to requesting leadership chains:

    Senior Coding / Clerk staff are responsible for the creation and adaptation of new sectors into the shop. They provide solutions to unanswered statistical/analytical questions and work to make its interface as “fool-proof” as possible. They also serve as data moderators, preserving unit history and data against malicious intent. Lastly, they inform leadership when personnel within their chain are out of set unit standards based on data acquired

    Archive clerks are responsible for the bulk data entry of day-to-day unit operations. They operate at a timely and brisk pace to ensure data is as presently accurate as possible. They also report policy violations throughout the unit. They do this by informing S-4 leadership of individuals not meeting set standards.

    Accountant staff is responsible for maintaining everything Patreon-related in the unit. Collecting and maintaining payment information, they ensure that each donor receives the benefits afforded to them by their donation on Patreon.

    Retention Analysts focus entirely on the data of personnel movement throughout the unit. Combining data entry and report generation, They provide leadership with necessary information regarding the trend analytics of recruitment, transfers, and discharges, as well as, how much time personnel spend with each designation.

    S-6: Communications/IT

    The S-6 IT J-Shop is responsible for all of the technical support for TCG. S-6 maintains the Website, Game Servers, and Discord. S-6 creates, manages, and implements mod packs for all TCG ran IPs to include; Squad, Arma 3, Arma Reforger, Project Zombiod, and Minecraft. In addition to backend work, S-6 provides tech support for members in the unit for any game-related issues.

    S-7: Training & Education

    The S-7 Training and Education Shop is focused on readying personnel in the unit for any situation with hands on training in weapons systems, advanced medical procedures, communications, small unit leadership courses, and more. With two basic school courses, 4 advanced school courses, and 3 leadership courses, S-7 is ready to equip you with the tools to be a Ranger.

    ARC: Army Recruiting Command

    The Army Recruitment Command J-Shop is responsible for all of the recruiting operations done by TCG. ARC is broken up into two divisions. Media and Recruiting.

    ARC Media is in charge of the production and release of the TCG monthly newsletter. They are also responsible for all video content that comes out on our YouTube and Tiktok channels. The goal of ARC Media is to create content that helps drive new potential members to our unit.

    ARC Recruiting is in charge of the entire interview process known as MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station). Recruiting’s job is to screen new applicants and see if they would be a good fit for the unit. After that, the recruiters will work with new members to make sure they have all the information they will need to succeed until they are assigned to a squad.

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