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Sgt Mathew Barwell

Squad Leader
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  • Sgt Mathew Barwell


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    • Time In Service
      4 years and 2 months
    • Time In Grade
      1 year and 1 month
Date Combat Record Attachments
-End of Operation Oasis Shield-
Combat Jump - Oasis Shield
Combat Jump - Oasis Shield
Combat Jump - Operation Oasis Shield Part Three
-Deployed in Operation Oasis Shield-
-End of Operation Iraqi Freedom IV-
Combat Jump - Operation Iraqi Freedom IV
-Deployed in Operation Iraqi Freedom IV-
-End of Operation Kingslayer-
Combat Jump - Operation Kingslayer
-Deployed in Operation Kingslayer-
-End of Operation Rising Levant-
-Deployed in Operation Rising Levant-
-End of Operation Dueling Serpents-
-Deployed in Operation Dueling Serpents-
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