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Nik Thomas

Active Duty
Company Executive Officer
  • Enlistment Date

  • Induction Date

  • Promotion Date

  • Nik Thomas

    First Lieutenant

  • Timezone

    • Timezone
  • Activity

    • Reported In
  • Length Of Service

    • Time In Service
      1 year and 2 months
    • Time In Grade
      12 days and 5 hours


  1. Name

    Nik Thomas

Combat Duty Assignment

Combat MOS


Combat Position

Company Executive Officer

Combat Unit

Headquarters Company, 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment "Helios"

Combat Supervisor

Niko Bennett

Administrative Duty Assignment(s)

MOS Position Unit
73Z S-8 Senior Finance Sergeant S-8 Resource Management / Finance
25B S-6 NCOIC S-6: Communications/IT
42Z S-3 NCOIC S-3: Operations
35Z S-2 NCOIC S-2: Mission Intelligence
FA26B Company Staff Task Force Staff
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